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NZ Garage Door Remotes Have Over 20 Years Experience & Knowledge Of All Brands Of Garage Doors & Openers So You Can Trust Us To Sort The Correct Remote Solution For You And All Our Garage Door And Gate Remotes Are Free Courier New Zealand Wide And We Also Have Click And Collect So you Can Order And Pay Online And Pick Up From Our Stanmore Bay Auckland Location.

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Replacement B&d Garage Door Remotes For All B&d Garage Door Openers

B&D Replacement Garage Door Remotes

We Sell Stylish Very Good Quality Aftermarket B&d Garage Door Remote Controls They Have A Good Signal Range 20-50 mtrs- Great Prices NZ Wide Delivery! 

All Remotes Come With Replacement 12 Month Warranty

  • B&D 062162-4335EBD Remote

    B&D 433mhz

    Replacement Garage Door Remote Control 062162-4335EBD

    NZ$ 67.90
    NZ$ 59.04 excl GST
  • B&D 062170/4333EBD Remote

    B&D 062170/4333EBD

    Now Replaced By Our Stylish Key ring Garage Door Remote Control in The 2nd Photo

    NZ$ 67.90
    NZ$ 59.04 excl GST
  • B&D CAD 601

    B&D 433mhz Garage Door Remote Control

    This Is Obsolete And Now Replaced By Our Very Stylish Slim Line Aftermarket Replacement In 2nd Photo

    NZ$ 67.90
    NZ$ 59.04 excl GST
  • B&D Cad 603/602 Garage Door Remote

    4332EBD/4332RBD 062171 BND 62171 433.92mhz

    This B&D garage door two-channel transmitter Is Now Replaced By A Small KeRing Remote With 9 dipswitches in the same as the old Remote. One button controls the public main entry door while the other button controls a private garage door.

    NZ$ 67.90
    NZ$ 59.04 excl GST
  • 22% Off
    B&D Control A Door 4 remote -Model 062150 27.145 Mhz

    b&d 27mhz Remote

    This B&D Garage Door Remote Is Obsolete But We Have A Solution By Way Of Our Easy To Add On Receiver That Comes With an option of 1 or 2 New Key ring Remotes,The Receiver Has 4 Wires That Go On The 3 Terminals On The Back Of The Motor. We Supply A Photo And Installation Takes Approx 10 Minutes.

    NZ$ 230.00
    NZ$ 180.00
    NZ$ 156.52 excl GST
  • B&D Mpc 3 & 4 Garage Door Remote
    Replacement Key Ring Remote For Mpc 3 Roller Door Opener & Mpc 4 Tilt & Sectional Garage Door Opener.
    This Does Not Have Switches In.
    this will copy your current working remote control
    ***must have working remote to copy***
    NZ$ 74.90
    NZ$ 65.13 excl GST
  • B&D Tb6 compatible Garage Door Remote

    TB6 Compatible Keyring Remote

    This is An Well made stylish Compatible Replacement Remote Control Has Sliding Case To Prevent Accidental Button Pushing Replaces The tb6 Garage Door Opener Remote Control

    NZ$ 67.90
    NZ$ 59.04 excl GST
  • Bnd Tri Tran Garage Door Remote

    BnD Tritran Garage Control-A-Door BND/TB5/BD4

    Diamond Replacement Garage Door  Remote Control

    NZ$ 67.90
    NZ$ 59.04 excl GST
  • Bnd Tri Tran Garage Door Remote

    B&D Tritran Garage Control-A-Door BND/TB5/BD4

    /Diamond Replacement Remote Control

    NZ$ 67.90
    NZ$ 59.04 excl GST
  • Cad 604 Garage Door Remote

    B&D Cad 604 433mhz Replacement Garage Door Remote Control

    **Now Replaced By Smaller Key Ring 4 Button Remote. also compatible with models 1A4982-7 433.92 1A4982 N113

    NZ$ 67.90
    NZ$ 59.04 excl GST
  • 14% Off

    This is a Genuine B&D 433mhz Garage Door Remote

    As Pictured.For Use When You Only Have 1 Garage Door Comes With Visor Clip. Can Also Replace B&D 062170/4333EBD ,Cad 604,Cad 601 and B&D 062162-4335EBD Remote

    NZ$ 88.00
    NZ$ 76.00
    NZ$ 66.09 excl GST
  • Garador Ptx 5v2 Genuine Remote

    Garador Ptx 5V2 Remote Genuine

    This is an original genuine ata replacement ptx 5v2 replacement Garage Door Remote as pictured. please see our aftermarket remote if you want a cheaper but stylish alternative

    NZ$ 87.90
    NZ$ 76.44 excl GST
  • B&D TB7 Garage Door Remote

    B&D TB6 Garage Door Remote.

     Compatibility List: Remotes: B&D TB6 B&D TB5 B&D Tri Tran v1 B&D Tri Tran v2 B&D Tri Tran Mini

    Warning: 128 Bit remotes code to 64 Bit openers, but 64 Bit remotes will not code to 128 Bit gate & garage openers.

    NZ$ 127.90
    NZ$ 111.22 excl GST

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