How Do I Choose The Correct Garage Door Remote Control

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How Do I Choose The Correct Garage Door Remote Control

Do You Have A Current Remote Control?

If you have a current remote control check the color of the remote and the buttons and see if it has any brand name or model on it which is usually on the back of the remote.If it does have a brand on it such as Ata, Dominator,Guardian or similar then you can have a look on our page Remotes By Brand Here or in our search bar.If it does not then you can contact us for further help Here .

If  You Do Not Have A Garage Door Remote Control.

 Have Look for the manufacturer and model information on the motor unit found on the garage ceiling or on the case of the gate motor if it is a gate remote you need. Using the manufacturer information you will should be able to  purchase a genuine or aftermarket replacement garage door or gate remote by matching up the brand and model number and purchasing it directly from our online store here.You can also have a look at your garage door motor case and see if it matches any on our shop by motor page here.

Universal Garage Door Remote Controls

There is not really a remote that is universal as such.a couple of companies claim they have remotes that are universal but they normally work about 3 or 4 different motors and end up frustrating people.there are clonning remotes which can copy fixed code garage door openers if they are the correct frequency and have the correct chip in otherwise you can end up paying out for more disapointment and waisted time.We do have special remotes that can copy and clone remotes and we can also make replacement remotes for old garage door openers such as old dominator and tiltamatic garage door openers so contact us if you need a remote but have no old remote as we can help!

Programming the Remote

When  you purchase a Replacement  remote from NZ Garage Door Remotes for your garage door garage door,They all come with instructions and full after sale support and we also have videos here.Most of the time for the newer remotes you just press and release a learn button or door code button and push the remote and the opener and remote control become a pair.With older dipswitch models  You have to match up the dipswitch setting from the old remote to the new remote or via the switches on the garage door motor if you have no remote.We send out instructions for this nd offer full support but if you have no remote or are unsure please contact us at Here NZ Garage Door Remotes first so we can get it right the first time!

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Posted: Monday 3 May 2021

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