What Do I Do When My Garage Door Remote Is Lost Or Stolen

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What Do I Do When My Garage Door Remote  Is Lost Or Stolen

What to Do When Your Garage Door Opener Is Stolen

Unfortuanatley having your Garage Door Opener Remote Control stolen is a common issue and can cause a big panic and a lot of anxiety,Fortuanatley there are some quick and easy steps you can take to stop the thieves getting into your Garage and home.Firstly if you are at home turn off the power to the Garage Door Opener so it can not function and contact the police to Report the theft.Next either contact a Garage Door Company Or Us Here and or follow the steps below.

Delete The Remote 

First You Should Delete Your Lost Or Remote garage door opener to prevent the controller from operating.In New Zealand The Very Old Garage Door Motors have a row of dip switches in them which are coded to a certain configuration,This is the code and when you change just one switch on the garage door motor all the remotes will no longer work the opener so the stolen one can no longer be operated,These switches are usually under the Garage Door Motor side cover or at the back of the Garage Motor.Any exsisting Garage Door Remotes  you have can still be reprogrammed by taking off the battery cover and changing the switches inside the Remote to match the new settings on the Garage Door Motor.

Newer Garage Door Openers have a learn or code buttonhttps://nzgaragedoorremotes.blogspot.com/2023/10/what-do-i-do-when-my-garage-door-remote.html on the back of the Garage Door Opener or under the light cover,Depending on which Garage Door Opener you have this is usually held down for 7 to 10 seconds to delete all the Garage Door Remotes,Once all the Remotes are deleted then any exsisting ones can be reprogrammed in to the Garage Door Opener System again.Consult your Opener manual or contact us for help deleting Remotes and getting Replacement Remotes

Reprogramming Common NZ Remotes

Guardian 21230L And 2211L Garage  Door Opener

 DELETING Locate radio set button on the back panel of the garage door motor and press and hold for 10 seconds,The motor will click 7 times which means all remotes are deleted.

CODING EXSISTING AND NEW REMOTES  Push and realease radio set button on motor,Then the motor should click once,Push any button on the remote and release and motor should click again to confirm the Guardian Remote Is Coded in.

Merlin Green 230t Motor-Remove Light cover And Green Strip.

DELETING REMOTES Press LEARN button for about 11 seconds - The lamp will flash slowly & switch off - All remotes are now deleted!

CODING THE REMOTE - DOOR ONLY Press the learn button for 1 - 2 seconds - Courtesy lamp will flash & click - Press the desired remote control button twice.




Posted: Tuesday 23 March 2021

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