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Merlin 2500L Garage Door Remotes

Merlin 2500L Garage Door Opener Remotes

The merlin 2500 and 2500L GMerlin 2500L Garage Door Remotesarage Door Opener came out with 4 different garage door remote controls and 3 different coding systems,the circuitboards came out with 8 dipswitches and 12 dipswitches which were 339mhz,303mhz and 40mhz frequency.The Remote Controls came out the same and to get the correct Remote to work the motor you need the right frequency as well as the correct amount of dipswitches,

All of the Remotes Apart from the m802 are now obsolete but we have the original Remote controls still that we can make copies of in a small keyring version.All we need is if you have a Current working Remote or one that was working to send us a photo of the Remote Control and the dipswitches under the battery cover and we will make a new Replacement Remote Control to work you Garage Door Opener.If you do not have a working Remote then we need you to take these steps.1Turn off motor power at plug then- looking from the outside of the garage inwards unscrew the right hand plastic motor side cover and remove,you will see a cicuitboard with switches as per photo below.take a photo of the bard and measure how long the ariel wire is and email it to us here and we will make a Remote that will be precoded for you.If you need any more advice just contact us.Thanks

Posted: Sunday 2 October 2022

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