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V2 Phox 4 Button Compatable Remote
This Remote Can Replace Your Phox v2 Remotes In Photo.
Works U to 4 Garage Door Or Gate Openers,Need Access To Gate Receiver Or Garage Door Opener To Prgramme.Easy Coding Instructions
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Programming procedure for V2 433 MHz rolling code remote

Method A (requires a working V2 remote)

1. Stand within 2 metres of the gate or door

2. Take a working remote and hold buttons 1 and 2 for 5 seconds then release.

3. Take a new remote and press the button that you wish to use to open your gate or door.

4. Wait 20 seconds for the receiver to exit programming mode, then try your new remote.

Method B (requires entry to the gate control box)

1. Locate the programming button on the MR1 board inside your VR2 gate control enclosure and press it briefly, an LED will flash on the MR1 receiver.PCB., you now have 10 seconds to perform the next step.

2. Take the new transmitter and press the button that you wish to use to operate your receiver until you see the LED flash on the MR1 receiver board.

3. Programming is now complete and your new handset should now operate your receiver.

The MR1 board can be found plugged into the main control board. The diagram here shows the MR1 board. The programming button does look like a piece of the main casing.

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