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TAU 250K-SLIM-RP Remote Control

TAU 25OK-SLIM-RP Gate Remote

, 2 channel rolling code remote 433Mhz. Also Comptible With SLIM' SLIM-C' SLIM-RP PLEASE NOTE! Do not confuse this with the similar looking TAU 250-K SLIM fixed code remote.To check open your remote and see if it has 10 dipswitches inside.if it does then contact us for another remote. They are not compatible with each other. Please call us if you are unsure. Comes complete with instructions. Batteries: 2 x CR2016 (included). Dimensions: L - 6.7cm W - 2.7cm D - 0.9cm

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tau 250k-slim Rp
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TAU 250K-SLIM-RP  Gate Remote Control

•frequency: 433,92 MHz
• range: up to 200 m in open air (the effective range depends on terrain and possible radio fre- quency interferences)
• 281.000 billion code combinations
• rolling code technology: every time the transmit- ter sends a code, it generates a new code usingan encoder. An algorithm identifies and validatesonly the signal of the transmitters encoded by the radio receiver.

•virtually impossible to duplicate
• code can be personalized thanks to the TAU- PROG programmer
• ideal for multi-user systems
• a transmitter can be programmed into any num- ber of self-learning radio receivers, thus avoiding the use of different transmitters
• tougher shells

How To Programe TAU 250K-SLIM-RP Remote Control

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