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Garageace s3/s4 garage door remote
Replacement Garage Door Opener Remote For Garage Ace Models s3 And s4 Garage Door Openers As Pictured Below
has sliding cover for protection
NZ$ 83.00
NZ$ 14.00 (a 16% discount)
NZ$ 69.00 including GST
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NZ$ 65.00 per item
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garageace s3/s4
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Remote Control Coding and Deletion

Remote Control Transmitter Learning

When opener is in standby mode, press “-” (minus) until the LED point lights up,

then release the button and press the same button on the remote

more than twice. The point will blink quickly and turn off in 2 seconds. It

means the learning is successful. If it is not successful, the point will turn

off without blinking in 2 seconds. The wireless wall

switch is also programmed the same as the remotes. Repeating this

process can learn more remotes.

Remote Transmitter Deletion

When opener is in standby mode, press “-” (minus) for around 6 seconds until LED point lights

up and then goes off, then release the button. All the remotes and wireless switches

are deleted.

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  •  Comes With New Battery Installed
  • 12 Month Warranty
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