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Digi Code: 5010 Garage Door- Gate Remote
This Is Replaced By Small One Button Keyring Remote 10 DIP On/Off Code Switch Type Gate Or Garage Door Opener Remote Control 300MHz
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Digi Code Keyring
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Multi-Code 3089 One Button Visor 10 DIP On/Off Code Switch Type Gate Or Garage Door Opener Remote Control On 300MHz 308911 Now Manufactured by Linear Corporation MSC308911.

Compatible with Multi-Elmac 10 DIP code switch type garage door openers. New Design Replaces The Older Square Corner Model.

****Now Replaced By Keyring Style 10 Dipswitch Remote***

Product Description:

The Multi-Code model 308911 commonly known as the Multi-Code 3089 is the new style one-button Keyring style radio transmitter that works with all Multi-Code radio receivers used on garage door or gate openers that have 10 DIP on/off type code switches on the 300MHz frequency.  The new design replaces the older square corner version and controls one Multi-Code or compatible code switch type garage door opener or gate radio receiver on 300MHz with 10 DIP on/off type code switches. The Multi-Code 3089  Keyring remote is a very popular remote used with automatic gate system for apartments and gated communities as well as older garage door openers. This is a brand new item that comes With A keyring, battery (installed) and programming instructions.

The Multi-Code 3089 Replacement Keyring remote is directly compatible with the following models to control one device:

Challenger: MC1010, MC1020, MC4210, MC4220.

Carper: CX-300

Digi Code: 5010, 5060, 5030, 5040, 5070.

Heddolf: M219, M220.

Multi-Code: 1083, 3060, 3070, 3083, 3089, 4120, 4140.

Multi Elmac: 3089.

Chamberlain: 300MC.

Not all compatible models may be listed.

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  •  Comes With New Battery Installed
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