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Chamberlain Motorlift 84335AML  Remote
This rolling code remote control is compatible with motorlift, homentry & DIY Chamberlain garage door openers.
NZ$ 88.00
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merlin + compatable
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This Is The Aftermarket Remote 

This Is Replaced By Our Very Stylish Well Made After market Remote Control In The 2nd Photo.

Compatible with all Merlin Security+ Door Motors & Some MotorLift Motors

Roller Door Motors
  • Merlin MR600 Roller Door Motor
  • Merlin MR650 Roller Door Motor
  • Merlin MR800 Roller Door Motor
  • Merlin MR850 Roller Door Motor
  • Merlin MRC950 Light Industrial Roller Door Motor
  • And all other compatible Security+ receivers and motors

Sectional & Panel Openers
  • Merlin MT600 Panel Door Motor
  • Merlin MT800 Panel Door Motor
  • Merlin MT1000 Panel Door Opener
  • Merlin MT3850 Panel Door Motor
  • Merlin MT5580 Sectional Door Opener
  • Motorlift ML700 Sectional Door Opener
  • Motorlift ML750 Sectional Door Opener
  • Motorlift ML850 Sectional Door Opener
  • And all other compatible Security+ receivers and motors

Gate Openers
  • Merlin MGS300 Gate Operator
  • Merlin MGA300 Gate Operator
  • Merlin MGS400 Gate Operator
  • Merlin MGS500 Gate Operator
  • Merlin MGS1000 Gate Operator
  • Motorlift HC100ML Gate Operator
  • Motorlift HC300ML Gate Operator
  • Motorlift HC400ML Gate Operator
  • Motorlift HC500ML Gate Operator
  • Motorlift HC600ML Gate Operator

The Programming Steps

Locate Learn Button On Back Of Garage Door Opener Or Under Light Cover

Once you've located the "Learn" button, programming in your c945 compatable remote will take less than ten seconds. Step 1. Press and hold the button on the remote you wish to operate your motor with Step 2. Press and immediately release the "Learn" button on your motor Step 3. Your motor should click or flash when it has learnt the code. Try testing the operation of your new remote control!

Deleting Codes From A Motor

Does your garage motor have a full memory bank, or have you misplaced your garage door remote? No worries! Deleting remote controls from your garage door is just as easy. Step 1. Press and hold the Learn button on your motor for 6 seconds, or until the LED goes out. Step 2. All of your codes should now be erased - Test to see if any old remotes still operate the motor.

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  • Remote works well :)
    Easy programming - works as good as the original. Great service too! Thank you :)
    Posted: 2021-02-02
  • Chamberlain
    Fast response and thanks for extra assistance
    Posted: 2021-01-15
  • Ecxellent service
    Fast, excellent service. Easy to follow instructions included.
    Posted: 2019-08-27
  • Chamberlain motor lift remote
    Replacement remote arrived quickly, was easy to programme.. Very happy
    Posted: 2021-07-06
  • Posted: 2020-06-07
  • Posted: 2020-05-09
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  • Full Product Support via Email And Phone
  • Remote Comes With New Battery Installed
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Comes With Easy Programming Instructions And Also On Product Page
  •  Courier Delivery Takes 1- 3 Days

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