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Came TOP-432NA Genuine Remote

Came TOP-432NA Genuine Remote

This Is A Genuine Came Top 432na Garage Door And Gate Remote Control Transmitter. Transmitter Frequency: 433 MHz •2 Buttons •12V(23A) Battery ***NOTE DOES NOT REPLACE YELLOW BUTTON CAME**

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  • Came gate remote
    Quick and easy. Good quality and all as it should be👍🏽
    Posted: 2022-10-30

Compatible with the following CAME 433Mhz models: TOP432M - TOP434M, TOP432S, TOP432NA & SA

  manufacturer is Came automation.


The Came Top432na

is two button version of this self-learning remote control series, if you need more gates to control, you can always purchase the four button version Came Top434na, they all share the same code, and is fully compatible with each other.

Also Came Top432na can be used even if your original remote is older remote control bought years ago, since Came Top432na is made fully compatible with Came 432M, Came 434M, Came 432S, Came 432SA and Came 434MA.

Technically, Came Top432na is remote control transmitting at 433.92 MHz, the all possible code combinations are as many as 4096 codes, making it virtually impossible to be any interference with each other, the battery type used is 3V Lithium coin battery, so it is very easy to buy a replacement battery after flat battery, and the remote control distance is between 50 and 150 meters, depending on different installation environment and receiver type.

Came Top432na introduced a self-learning system, making programming new Came Top432na remote control very easy, by simply learn the code from existing Came Top series remote that is already programmed into receiver, the instructions is as follows. Blue LED means new remote control, while Red LED means old remote control already programmed in.


1. Press both 2 buttons on remote control together, until LED flashes more quickly.

2. Then press the button you would like to be programmed, LED will become steady on.

3. Within 10 seconds, place the already programmed remote on its back, then press and hold the button on original remote that is to be duplicated.

4. The LED on new remote will flash 3 times, which means code has been successfully recorded.


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  • Came gate remote
    Quick and easy. Good quality and all as it should be👍🏽
    Posted: 2022-10-30
  • Posted: 2021-05-28

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