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Genius Bravo Remote - Genius Gate Remotes

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Genius Bravo Remote
Genius Bravo Remote Is Now Replaced By Geniune Genius Echo Remote In The 2nd Photo
ADYX TE4433H remote

Frequency ' 433.92MHz
Coding ' Rolling Code
Body Type ' Key-Ring
Buttons ' 4
Button Colour ' Black/White
Case Colour ' Black
Size ' 65x38x13mm
Range ' > 40 meters
NZ$ 112.00
NZ$ 14.00 (a 12% discount)
NZ$ 98.00 including GST
Price for 2+:
NZ$ 92.00 per item

or four interest-free payments of $24.50 with
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Genius Echo
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1 - On the receiver, press the push-button for the channel you wish to

code - SW1 to store CH1 and SW2 to store CH2. LED 1 or LED 2 will light

on steady light to signal that the receiver is in learning mode.

2 - Press on the remote within 10 seconds and hold down the push-button

you wish to code for at least 1 second.

3 - If storage was successful, the LED flashes twice.

4 - After the first remote has been coded, the receiver stays in learning mode, with the LED lighted on steady light.

5 - To code successive remotes (up to a maximum of 256), repeat the operations from point 2.

6 - When 10 seconds have elapsed from coding of the last remote, the receiver automatically exits the learning

stage. You can exit the learning procedure manually, by pressing one of the pushbuttons on the receiver (SW1 or

SW2) after the remote has been stored.


1. With your already-programmed remote control and your new remote control, proceed to the vicinity of the


2. On the pre-programmed remote control, simultaneously press the P1 and P2 buttons and hold it until the two

LEDs L1 and L2 flash on the receiver. Release the buttons.

3. While the two LEDs will flash on the receiver, press the button you want to program. The LED (L1 or L2) which is

assigned to the button will flash.

4. While the LED is flashing, press on the new remote control, the button to be programmed. The receiver LED will

flash, then lights up permanently. Release the button.

5. After 10 seconds, the LED on the receiver goes out.

6. Your new remote control is now programmed.

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  • Posted: 2021-06-14
  • Genius Echo Gate Remote Control
    NZ$ 112.00
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  • Full Product Support via Email And Phone
  • Remote Comes With New Battery Installed
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Comes With Easy Programming Instructions And Also On Product Page
  •  Courier Delivery Takes 1- 3 Days

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