Casar 600-800 Garage Door Remote Control - Casar Garage Door Opener Remotes

Casar 600-800 Garage Door Remote Control

Casar 600-800 Garage Door Motor Remote

This 4 Button Remote Is The Exact Replacement For The Casar 600 And 800 Garage Door Motors,It Works Up To 4 Casar Garage Door Openers And Comes With Battery Installed And Coding Instructons

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Program Your Opener & Remote

Activate the opener only when door is in full view, free of obstruction and properly adjusted. No one should enter or

leave garage while door is in motion. Do not allow children to operate push button(s) or remote(s). Do not allow children

to play near the door.

Your garage door opener receiver and remote control transmitter are set to a matching code. If you purchase additional

remote controls, the garage door opener must be programmed to accept the new remote code.

NOTE: Check again for completed and correct assembly of your Opener and Door.

1. Connect the Cord Plug to power supply. The Digital Display flashes with “H”, and the Light is ON. The unit is into

standby (Pic. 20-1).

2. Press and hold LEARN button on the Opener for more than 2 seconds, the Digital Display indicates “·” (Pic. 20-2).

Press the key twice on the remote control that you wish to operate your garage door, and “·” flashes several times

before it comes to “H” (Pic. 20-3). Now the opener has learned the code.

NOTE: If you want the Opener to learn additional remote codes, perform the above steps. The Opener can learn 6 remotes

at most.

To Erase all Remote Control Codes

Press and hold LEARN button on the Opener, the Digital Display indicates “·” before it comes to “H”. The codes are now

erased when the Digital Display flashes

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  • Posted: 2022-07-26

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