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NICE FLOR-S Genuine Remote
FLO2R-S Genuine Garage Door Gate Remote Control
2 button Remote As Pictured Comes With Instructions Also Replaces (FLO1R-S, FLO2R-S, FLO4R-S)

Please Note: This remote looks similar to the popular FLO2 remote which has small DIP switches inside and this remote is incompatible.
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2 Button Nice 4.5 million billion combinations, 433.92MHz rolling code. Sequential code for multiple insertion (Flor-sc).

Please Note: This remote looks similar to the popular FLO2 remote which has small DIP switches inside and this remote is incompatible.

Coding using an existing remote

To enter the code of a new remote control without using your receiver,

you will need an authorised remote control (note: the first remote control

must always be entered using the receiver key). Now, with the two

remote controls (your already coded remote, and your new remote),

which we shall call NEW (the one whose code we want to enter) and

OLD (the authorised one), position yourself within 3m of the gate/garage

receiver and then:

1. Press and hold the button on the new remote for at least 5 seconds

and then release.

2. Press the button on the already programmed remote 3 times slowly.

3. Press the button on the new remote slowly and then release.

Coding directly to your receiver

Your new remote will program to your receiver as per your original remote

instructions, so please refer to your manual. But for a typical NICE

FLOX2R Receiver, the programming procedure is as follows:

1. Press the learning button on your receiver for 1-2 seconds. The LED

will turn on for 5 seconds. Within 5 seconds, complete the next step.

2. Press a button on your new remote until the LED on your receiver

turns off.

3. Release the remote button and wait for 2 seconds

4. Press the same button on your new remote again. The LED on your

receiver will now flash 3 times. This indicates that your remote has been

successfully coded. If this does not happen, repeat the whole procedure

from the beginning, and try again.

5. Wait 5 seconds. Press the button on your new remote to test if it

opens your garage/gate.

Note: To remove a single transmitter’s code or all transmitter codes from the receiver

memory please refer to your receiver manua

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