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Dominator Cobra Garage Door  Remote 433.92 mhz
The Dominator Cobra PTX4 remote works on 433.92Mhz but is now Replaced By The Remote In The 2ND Photo
Works with the following motors:
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Dominator Cobra
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This Remote Is Obsolete And Now Replaced By Blue Remote In 2nd Photo

Works with the following motors:


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Programming a Cobra Remote      

 To programme a Dominator Cobra remote, please follow these instructions, 
- Select "Handheld" mode using the "LEARN" button on the unit (display shows "H"
- Within 10 seconds, momentarily press the required button on the transmitter. The decimal point indicator on the display will flash and then stay on.
- Repress the same button again momentarily, the decimal point indicator will flash and then the display will show the memory location number for that function (eg. "H xx"). The location number "xx" will be the first free handheld location number in the memory.
- Your remote will now operate your door.

To delete a Dominator Cobra remote from memory, please follow these instructions, or alternatively download the following PDF file.
- Select "Erase" mode using the "LEARN" button on the unit (display shows "E")
- Press and hold a button on the required transmitter for 2 seconds until the decimal point stays on.
- Release the transmitter button until the decimal point turns off, then press the transmitter button again for 2 seconds; the decimal point will flash and then stay on.
- The display will flash twice (CLR) once the transmitter code has been removed from memory.
- If you do not have the remote that you want to delete from memory, after selecting "Erase" mode:
- Find the memory location of the transmitter to be erased - momentarily press button 1 on a transmitter to display the next used memory location number (eg. "H xx"). Momentarily pressing button 2 will display the previous memory location number (eg. "H xx").
- Once the memory location is located, momentarily pressing button 3 will clear the transmitter function that is memorised in the displayed location number. If no transmitters are stored in memory (memory empty) "H" will be displayed.

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  • Dominator Cobra Garage Door remote
    Thank you so much for the amazing door remote, so light to carry around and works in well with my new car key, Thank you Nicole for going to so much trouble for searching me out a remote that opens my garage door, looks great and was also a good price. Dawne
    Posted: 2019-08-28
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  •  Comes With New Battery Installed
  • 12 Month Warranty
  •  Easy Instructions On Product Page
  • Delivery Takes 1- 3 Days