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ACDC Garage Door Remote

We Sell the New Version Replacement For The ACDC Red Button Remote Control ( See Second Photo) Which Can Work Up To 4 Garage Door Openers And Has A Sliding Cover To Save Any Accidental Button Pushing.Comes With Easy Progamming Instructions,Battery And 1-2 Day Free Delivery NZ Wide

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Acdc Remote
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ACDC Garage Door Remote




Remove the white plastic light diffuser - Beware of connected Push button


Press the button on the remote you wish to operate this door for 2 seconds

Pause for 2 seconds

Press the same button again for 2 seconds

Up to 25 remote controls may be used


To erase existing remote controls press and hold the LEARN button for 15 seconds



Press and release LEARN button - A dot will be indicated in the corner of the LED


Press the button on the remote you wish to operate this door for 2 seconds

Pause for 2 seconds

Press the same button again for 2 seconds.

The dot in the corner of the display will flash to confirm the code and then turn off.

Repeat this process for additional Remotes that need to be stored.

Note: The POWER-GLIDE & EURO-GLIDE operators are fitted with Last Code

Deleted which

means that only one button per remote can be stored to operate the unit. This

function prevents

over coding stored Remotes when there are multiple users accessing the same

garage door.

The other three buttons on the Remote can be programmed to access automatic

gates, security

or courtesy lights, etc.


Remove the light diffuser cover.

Press K1 button on the control board, the coding light will come on.

Press the button on the remote you wish to operate this door for 2 seconds the

coding light will turn off,

pause for 2 seconds,

Press the same button again for 2 seconds

The coding light will flash 8 times then turn off indicating the transmitter has been

coded successfully

Repeat the procedure for additional remote control transmitters

The Slim-Glide operator can store up to 20 remotes


To delete all codes press and hold button K1 down for approximately 8-10 seconds

(code light will come

on and then go off indicating a successful delete).


Press and hold down button "P2" MEMO: The LED "L4" will flash slowly.

At the same time activate the remote button which is to be coded

Hold down button "P2" MEMO until LED "L4" starts to flash gain.

Release the button "P2" MEMO: The LED will continue to flash.

Within 15 seconds activate the remote button again

Note: same transmitter, same button; if the button is different or it is a different

remote the coding attempt will abort without success

End of coding: the LED "L4" will remain lit for 2 seconds, indicating that the remote

button has been

correctly coded

Note: It is not possible to code a button which is already in memory: f you attempt

this, the LED will

switch off when you activate the button

Only after releasing the button "P2"MEMO will you be able to continue he coding



Press and hold down the button "P3" DEL: the LED "L4" will flash quickly

Activate the transmitter channel which is to be cancelled

The LED will remain lit for 2 seconds indicating that the transmitter

has been deleted

Note: If the user that you wish to cancel is not in memory, the LED will stop flashing;

only after

releasing the button "P3" will you be able to continue the delete procedure


For both the coding and cancellation procedures, if the button is released before

activating the remote

the procedure will abort.


Keep both buttons pressed down ("P2+P3") for more than four seconds.

LED "L4" will remain lit during the entire delete time (about 8 seconds).

LED "L4" switches off when the cancellation procedure has terminated

Note: When the memory is almost full the time required to search for a user code

could take up

to 1 second from when the command was received. If led "L4" remains lit memory

is completely full.

To code a new remote you will first have to cancel a code from memory

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